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January 22 match
Full time result2.5-2.70.13 btc
HT 1 result2.4-2.60.125 btc
HT 2 result2.7-2.90.14 btc
Correct score16.00.64 btc
January 23 match
Full time result2.6-2.80.135 btc
HT 1 result3.0-3.20.155 btc
HT 2 result2.8-3.00.145 btc
Correct score10.00.4 btc

How to trust:

1. Free matches

We offer free matches about 1-2 times a month. So if you want to check us out - just wait for a free match. 

The next free match scheduled for February 03

2. Escrow

You can use clearnet escrow service if you are not sure about your coins.


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